Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Nottingham Uni Jam 2012

I went to the Nottingham DevSoc game jam with a couple of friends. It was a great experience, really well organized! It was a 24 hour competition, and we were only allowed to use publicly available resources and stuff we made during that timeframe.

The theme for the jam were these four words: genesis, explosions, flood, evil. Our game was therefore about two players jumping on platforms to escape rising water, throwing and jumping on crates of dynamite, and going up beyond the clouds, with evil-sounding bible quotes about flooding appearing in the background.

Getting a boost off a crate.

For most of the jam our progress went extremely well, but we didn't count how much tiredness would impair us later on. In the end there was a huge rush, and we didn't have any preparation time before making our demonstration to the judges. We plan to come back and make a full game out of it.

Aiming for Worms-like destructible terrain.

Here's a clip of it close to the end of the competition:

When it came to judging, we won a prize for graphics, which was thanks to our team member Joe Williamson and his speedy pixel art prowess.

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