Thursday, 3 May 2012

Search for a Star

I've been participating in Aardvark Swift's Search for a Star games development competition. One of the competition rounds involves fixing a supplied broken game and then improving on it over the course of a week.

It was coded in C++. I used SDL for audio and DirectX fixed pipeline functionality for graphics, but use of third party libraries and tools was discouraged.

My aim was to make a short platform game based around avoiding creeps and getting to the goal (a star) at the end of each level. It was themed on the 1989 NES game Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II.

The levels, of which there were to be five, were at least named after the spells in that game. Unfortunately not much else was, because I ran out of time. Left on the to-do list were integration of a tilemap and level editor for creating levels of a respectable size, plus the fixing of several bugs. It's still a laugh to play though.

I take full responsibility for the grotty 8-by-8 pixel art.
One thing that Ironsword really did well graphics. Ste Pickford did a miraculous job with the massive and detailed sprites for bosses and NPCs, particularly the Dragon King. They really made the game feel epic compared to other titles around at the time:

Get your own crown.
You can grab a zip of my submitted game here. I'll put up a link to a repo with the source on it once the competition is complete.

Update: As advertised, here is the repository with source and development log:

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